Assault Sniper Shooting 3D

Assault Sniper Shooting 3D 1.0.1

It is the time to clean the city from terrorist.

Enjoy the best Sniper Shooting Experience realistically.

Rivals have occupied buildings in the area. You have to hunt each enemy and kill them. Headshots are required in todays job. Always shoot to destroy your opponent.

Enemies are inside the building premises and have hijacked the whole area. They are also present in the streets as well. You need to be very careful and must keep distance from them. Also, it is necessary to take care of your health. As master sniper assassin, it is the real chance for you to clean all of them. Our force required you to shoot to kill each and every terrorist. We have to give them a lesson so that they may not again try to come back here. For this mission, you will be provided advanced sniper kit with good controls, which may leads you towards victory. Today’s shooting will make you excited and thrill.


You will have a limited time to hunt terrorist in each level. Ammunition is will not be a problem for you. Hunting the rivals is not that easy in this shooting action. You will have many levels with various difficulty conditions. You have to look for enemies on each floor of the structure; sometimes opponents will be walking on the road to guard the area. On the right side of the game screen, you will find the scroll button through which you can move forward and backward. You will also, see two buttons on the top of that scroll button. These two controls are for the aim and to fire the enemy. One the left side of the screen, you will fine the control button through which you can move you sniper up, down, right and left.


? Realistic FPS (First person shooter) environment

? Advanced sniper kit

? Smooth weapon control

? Real 3D environment

? Easy controls

? Hunting and Killing terrorist


? Zoom In/Out button and fire button at right side of the screen.

? Move forward, backward, right, and left button is at the right side of screen.

? View right, left, Up and down joystick available at left side of the screen.

Assault Sniper Shooting 3D


Assault Sniper Shooting 3D 1.0.1